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way ward love

Way ward LOVE

My heart aches

for the love we

once shared.

I know things

Can’t be the way

they were when

we were kids

But, oh how

The love was there.

you were so gentle with me

and wanted me to

always be happy, never to


I remember the nights you

would hold me and I felt

so safe in your arms.

We would talk for hours

about how our life would

be-Oh how wrong we were

Childish dream with childish love.

acb 9/28/11


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long time, no blog

OK, so it's been forever since I have blogged! Not much karate going on so, why even bother? I have had a lot going since the last post. Let's see. I had both hands operated on for Carpal Tunnel. I was sick with a sinus infection from NOV-Mar. We moved in Oct, once again with crazy land lords. I just had surgery last Thursday for a deviated septum. The cause of the sinus infection for months on end. According to DR. T, this will fix it. I am telling you now, if it doesn't, I will be one ticked off woman!
Oh and we went thru a flood!
Back to the nose. I am on day 4 and feel like tee total crap! I am not kidding. Man o man. I have to sneeze thru my mouth-not easy. I can't blow my nose, I still can't breathe thru one nostril and my throat and teeth hurt like heck! My cute little pug nose is swollen. Kelly took a picture of me right when I came back from recovery and Kerry says I look like I am at the morgue!
Recovery has not been fun. Having the splints removed and the packing removed wasn't that bad but lawd have mercy! It's been bad every since. Now, I use to think I had a high tolerance for pain but not now.
I sure to hope I get better and soon!
Sorry for all the whining but just thought someone would like to know!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lock in ideas

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